Honda VTR1000F Engine (Premium Pack)

Honda VTR1000F Engine (Premium Pack)


This is the Honda VTR1000F motor. 

Some markets know this bike as the Super-Hawk (USA) or Firestorm (elsewhere).

In service from 1997 to 2005 it has become a popular engine for custom builders. It is a 996cc 90 degree V-Twin which suits the SC36 Honda frame. 

Replica's of this engine are also used on...

This particular scan is of a 200X model. To the best of our knowledge all key elements were consistent across the full life cycle.

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This file is an STL format file.

Below are links to the various file versions:

Basic intensity.

High intensity.

Premium Pack.

Premium packs include;

  1. Basic intensity output file

  2. High intensity output file

  3. CAD Step/IGES file artefacts for aligning the engine & key features (inputs, outputs, mounts).