Honda VTR1000F Motorcycle

Honda VTR1000F Motorcycle


This is the Honda VTR1000F motorcyle. 

The VTR1000F was introduced in 1997 using an all new 90-degree V-twin engine and a HMAS (Honda Multi-Action System) fork and shock. The bike also ushered in several new design concepts for Honda such as the semi-pivotless frame, where the engine is a stressed member with the swingarm bolted directly to it. Other innovations were side radiators, single-casting engine case, connecting rods with cap screws instead of nuts, and 38 mm intake valves, the largest Honda has ever used on a production motor at that time.It had the largest carburetors ever put on a production motorcycle (48 mm). In order to overcome response irregularities typical for larger V-twin engines, Honda figured out different camshaft profiles and intake manifold dimensions for the two cylinders, and the power control of the engine was praised in motorbike surveys. Cycle World list a quarter-mile time and speed of 11.03-second/124.26-mph.

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